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Deck barges

Our deck barges range in length from 77 feet to 200 feet. Deck barges are used to carry a wide variety of dry bulk cargo, and have different applications depending on deck loading capacities and the requirements of the product to be transported. Some of these barges are equipped with pollution rails to prevent any products that can spill from contaminating our waterways. We can help you decide which barge is best suited for your specific requirement.

Deck barge sizes:

Typical 120 x 30 deck barge with a pollution rail


Crane/Spud barges

Crane barges are heavy-duty deck barges designed to accommodate the use of a crane. Typically crane barges have two longitudinal bulkheads spaced to fit directly under the tracks of a crane for additional strength.

Crane barges usually have a square stern and a bow rake, along with spuds that are raised and lowered through the barge to hold the barge on location while it is working.

Marine Operators Inc. uses a combination of hydraulic winches, cables, and sheaves/pulleys to raise and lower the spuds. All of our winches have a unique “free fall” feature that allows the spud to be dropped quickly when necessary.

Spud barges have a very wide variety of uses, such as dredging, installing pipelines, and marine construction on the inland waterways. Give us a call to discuss your crane barge requirements.

Crane Barge sizes:

120 x 45 x 7 crane barge with spuds           30 ton hydraulic winch with spud


Shale cuttings barges

Shale cuttings barges are primarily used to transport non-hazardous oilfield waste from inland drilling sites. These barges are deck barges with 4 or more “open top” compartments of equal size which are fabricated to the deck of the barge. These barges are subject to the rules and regulations of the United States Coast Guard, and go through many rigorous inspections on strict pre-set time schedules.

Shale Barge sizes:

Description: C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Web Page Info\Website Photos\pic10.jpg
Typical 120 x 30 x 7 shale barge


Liquid mud barges

Liquid mud barges are used to carry pre-mixed drilling mud and liquids to be used in oil well drilling operations. These barges have 4 or 6 sealed tanks of equal size all connected to a pumping system which is used to load and unload the barge and mix/circulate various products being transported to the drilling site. These barges are subject to the rules and regulations of the United States Coast Guard, and go through many rigorous inspections on strict pre-set time schedules.

Liquid mud barge sizes

Description: C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Web Page Info\Website Photos\Liquid Mud Barge 1.JPG
130 x 34 x 8 Liquid Mud Cargo Handling area


Keyway barges

Our Keyway barges are deck barges that have a square stern with a 9 foot x 20 foot key slot cut into it, and a bow rake. These barges are equipped with spuds and hydraulic winches, handrails, pollution rails, and wash-down sumps to create a zero discharge working area while working in the inland waters of the United States.

Portable truck-mounted drilling rigs are backed onto the deck of these barges and up to the edge of the key slot. The barge is then positioned around inland oil wells to perform a variety of procedures necessary to maintain production of the well.

Our keyway barges perform all of their work while floating above the wellhead, thereby avoiding any damage to our environmentally sensitive coastline. We have operated keyway barges for over 30 years.

Keyway barge sizes:

Description: C:\Users\Public\Documents\BARGE PHOTOS\MOP141\Roll1\2524380-R1-048-22A.jpg Description: C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Web Page Info\Website Photos\DSCN0227.JPG
Keyway barge with key slot covered                                   Keyway barge loaded


Gas compressor and production barges

Over the years Marine Operators has leased barges for numerous oil and gas production operations.
Several of our barges are permanently moored, in inland oil fields, with a wide assortment of production equipment, used to deliver the product to the consumer.

Description: C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Web Page Info\Website Photos\GIB 49 TANKS.UCI COMP.MOP.29.JPG
120 x 30 x 7 deck barge with gas compressor


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